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Unmasking the Mystery: Tales Behind Ember & Scent's Scents!

Hey there, Candle Connoisseurs and Scent Enthusiasts! Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Ember & Scent, the aromatic wizards behind your favorite candle experiences? Well, prepare your noses for a rollercoaster of scented adventures as we unveil the Tales Behind The Scents! Buckle up, because it's time to embark on a fragrant journey like no other! 🌈🔥

Thai Lime & Mango: Tropical Tango of Citrusy Bliss 🍋🥭

Close your eyes and imagine a Thai beach party with dancing mangos and lime slices doing the cha-cha. That's the vibe we're channeling with Thai Lime & Mango! The inspiration struck us during a particularly vivid daydream involving fruit fiestas and citrus conga lines. It's the perfect scent to transport you to a tropical paradise without the need for a passport. Just remember to leave your dance shoes at the door!

Cubed mango and sliced lime sitting on a blue work surface

Clean Cotton: Because Freshness Shouldn't Just Be Laundry's Secret 🧺💨

Ah, the sweet smell of success... or is it just freshly laundered clothes? Clean Cotton is our ode to that crisp, just-out-of-the-dryer scent that makes you want to roll around in a pile of freshly folded towels. Don't worry; we won't judge if you actually do. It's like a laundry day without the folding, and who wouldn't want that kind of olfactory magic in their lives?

White flowers and green leaves filling the image

 Black Plum & Rhubarb: Tart Meets Sweet in a Forbidden Tango 🖤🍇

Picture this: a secret garden where black plums and rhubarb engage in a forbidden dance under the moonlight. Black Plum & Rhubarb is the olfactory embodiment of this clandestine affair. It's a tantalizing blend of tart and sweet, like the Romeo and Juliet of the fruit world. Prepare for your senses to be swept off their feet!

Black plums sitting in a dark wooden crate. Juicy rhubarb sitting to the left of them. Both on top of a mint green wooden table.

 Pear & Freesia: Floral Meets Fruity in a Symphony of Scent 🍐🌸

In the great orchestra of fragrances, Pear & Freesia takes center stage, conducting a harmonious blend of fruity pear and delicate freesia. It's like a floral fruit salad for your nose! The inspiration? Well, we overheard a pear and a freesia having a deep conversation in the garden, and the rest is aromatic history. Trust us, eavesdropping on plants is a completely legitimate business practice.

Close-up short of 3 pears and freesia

Coconut Island - Hints of Tropical Fruits: Island Hopping in a Jar

Close your eyes and picture yourself hopping from one tropical paradise to another. That's the magic of Coconut Island - a scent that takes you on a journey through the lush landscapes of the tropics. It's like having a pina colada without the need for a tiny umbrella.

Close up of whole coconuts and oranges with a sliced orange in the middle

 Dark Honey & Tobacco: Smoky Sophistication in a Whiff

For those who prefer their scents with a side of smoky sophistication, Dark Honey & Tobacco is here to deliver. It's the equivalent of a dimly lit jazz club, where honey and tobacco blend seamlessly to create an aroma that's as smooth as a saxophone solo. Classy, sassy, and a little bit brassy!

There you have it, scent adventurers! The stories behind our fragrances are as quirky as the scents themselves. Each Ember & Scent candle is a hand-poured masterpiece, crafted with love and a dash of eccentricity. Which scent story speaks to your soul? Dive in and let the scents transport you to places only your imagination can fathom! Stay nose-worthy, my friends! 🔥👃✨ #EmberAndScent #ScentStories #NoseWorthyJourneys


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