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Soy Wax Candles

Igniting Your Senses, One Candle at a Time!

At Ember & Scent, we are committed to creating candles that are more than just a beautiful addition to your home. Our handmade creations are visually stunning and also serve as your personal aromatic companion, providing a symphony of natural scents that will ignite your senses. We welcome you to join us on a journey of sensory delight and experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that distinguishes us from the rest.



With every flicker of the flame and every inhale of the natural scents, you'll find yourself transported to a different time, place, or memory. Whether it's the cosy embrace of a crackling fire or the invigorating scent of a forest after rain, our candles are vessels for stories waiting to unfold, enhancing your space with warmth, nostalgia, and inspiration.

Our Top Picks

Crafted with Passion and Care

Each candle is meticulously crafted with care and passion, embodying our dedication to quality and excellence. We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients in every creation, including natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils, and cotton wicks. To ensure an unparalleled experience, we hand-pour our candles in luxurious Italian-made glass, adding an elegant touch to any space they illuminate. From the first flicker to the final glow, our commitment to artisanal craftsmanship shines through, making every Ember & Scent candle a true testament to our passion for creating moments of warmth and serenity.

Pear & Freesia Trio
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